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What is ATRE?

All The Real Estate is a dedicated and public website for anyone from anywhere in the world to list their property for sale, rent or lease, and/or to search for a property for sale, rent or lease in any location they wish. Property means any type/kind of real estate such as land, a unit, an apartment any part of a building, a house (attached or standalone), a farm, an office, a shop or store i.e. anything real and permanent. Other examples are a carpark, a multi storey tower, a shopping centre, an airport or even an island! The only condition is that the real estate in question has a legally recognized title or document that gives someone or an entity the exclusive rights to use (lease), or an inalienable right to that real estate (own).

Our Mission

The primary objective of All The Real Estate is to put people together who wish to either buy, lease and/or sell real estate who may or may not wish to use a real estate agent, broker, or realtor (a licensed person to represent buyers and sellers of real estate). This is because real estate agents charge a % of the sale price which is usually around 1% to 2% + Marketing and Adverting fees.

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